Allow Your Horse to Perform at its Best! 

A holistic approach to equine structural horse therapy that allows your horse to tap into its full potential – physically, mentally, and emotionally – to become a top performer!

The Best Equine, San Rafael, CA

Your horse is an incredible athlete, bred to perform. It is your friend, your passion, your everything!

However, there might be something preventing you and your horse from becoming the dream team that performs consistently at the top. There is a missing component beyond the trainings or competitions that affect the horses body. Consider the horse’s soul. The deep and gentle soul stores everything, creating holding patterns that start on an emotional level and become physical by distorting the body. Imbalances lead to muscle tensions, lameness, emotional unease, stress, and nervousness.

You tried…

You think you tried everything possible. Although you and your horse have achieved some milestones along the way, it feels like this effort has been an uphill battle. It seems it’s never enough and that changes are not sustainable.

But there are better options!

Let me help you achieve your goals!

Your goal is to be the perfect match. That you and your horse can feel a sense of harmony, an unanimity that allows both of you to be your authentic selves! We will work together to find the root cause of the issues, working our way from the foundation (hooves) up, to resolve physical patterns that are no longer supportive. This will provide room to adopt new ways of being for you and your horse! Through our work, you will find that your horse is structurally more balanced, performs consistently stronger, and will be less prone to injuries. On an emotional level, it will be more at ease, become more resilient to stressors, and feel more comfortable in its own body which will allow you and your horse to perform at its best!

Solutions that work!

Balanced Equine Structural Therapy

One-of-a-kind healing experience – unlike any other treatment
Let’s get your horse balanced from the hooves up!

Through hands-on bodywork, your horse will experience the impact of manual techniques that will help the horse to become more balanced, as well as physically and emotionally be more at ease. When working with your horse, I will remedy structural imbalances, correct conformational faults, muscle tensions, and pain. Therefore, improving the biomechanics, and ultimately allowing optimal power transfer to the hooves. The result is simple => a happier horse that performs better with less risk for injuries!

Equine Polarity Therapy

Let’s get your horse’s emotional state balanced – from the inside out!

As a prey animal, the horse depends on the flight response as a primary means of survival. With Equine Polarity Therapy we can work with the emotional makeup of your horse. By working with the chakra system, we can regulate the nervous system and even their behavior! We allow your horse to build new neural pathways, a new way of being. By removing the old patterns, you will see how the horse’s body language changes through ways such as slower and deeper breathing and an overall calmer demeanor.

Hoof care

Correcting the structure, from the foundation up – let’s talk about hooves!

We can’t talk about making lasting structural changes without addressing the hooves. It is the horses foundation and can make the structural changes we achieve sustainable. Hoofs and body are essentially one! I am trained in hoof care. However, if you have a trusted Ferrier, I’m more than happy to work with them in collaboration to achieve the optimal outcome for your horse!

Let your horse step into its new potential!
Now is the time – to start the process of change! 
Reach out today, and we can figure out the next step.

I live my life.

I’m a former nurse/paramedic from Switzerland. In 2007, my wife Nicole, my daughter Jewel, and I moved from Davos (Switzerland) to Alaska and later to California. It sounds like quite the journey, but we like adventures!

I’m convinced that horses deserve the best method to keep them balanced, injury free and in good spirit. Combining Balanced Equine Structural Therapy with Polarity Therapy is the most comprehensive and holistic approach to the wellbeing of your horse. It incorporates body, mind, and spirit. I’m grateful for being able to help horses in such a unique way!